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I will always remember receiving my original Game Boy as a gift for learning how to read. The same message holds true even today for many Nintendo products — just remember the next time you’re having a really bad day..

"Have you had your fun today?"

Cannot be more hyped for Tomodachi Life! I just really hope they leave in the Japanese items and content for the N. American/European versions, as there will not be online connectivity between players to acquire other region’s items (like in Animal Crossing).

N. America Nintendo Direct: here

Europe Nintendo Direct: here

( ꒪⌓꒪)/ All hail the Virtual Boy!

Mark your calendars folks! JUNE 6TH, 2014

drawing I did for a contest on reddit…

Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift is both troubling and enlightening. There are a few pieces of fiction that I have recently come across in the past year or so touching on this very matter, but it was not until now that I could fully fathom the type of circumstances in which a future like the ones described would come to fruition. I could become very cynical about the matter and start stammering on about “mega-corporations” and “the privileged few” but that will not illustrate my point effectively.

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Not good enough.


So as some of you might know, I went to Japan a week ago and got to watch the new Studio Ghibli movie, Kaze Tachinu. While it was a great movie, what really touched me was the theme song, “Hikoukigumo” sang by Yuming. My mother and I were lucky enough to watch an interview where one of the producers of Kaze Tachinu talked about how Yuming reacted to Miyazaki wanting to use her song in the movie. She was delighted- but probably not for the reason you think.  

In case you didn’t know, “Hikoukigumo” was not written for Kaze Tachinu, as most Ghibli movie theme songs are. Yuming wrote it when she was 16. When Miyazaki heard it he chose it, saying that it was perfect for the movie. 

Yuming wrote “Hikoukigumo” because of a very close friend she had since Elementary school. Her friend had a weak constitution and was constantly ill. At the early age of 14, Yuming started her singing career and traveled around, taking voice lessons and performing. When she returned to her home town and visited her friend’s house, she was greeted by a shrine and the news of her friend’s death. 

In her sadness, Yuming wrote “Hikoukigumo” and recorded it, however it was never a success compared to her other songs. So when Miyazaki contacted her and told her he wanted to use it in his film, she was overjoyed. 

I wanted to pass this on, because “Hikoukigumo” is already such a lovely song, but when you know the background behind it it becomes even more touching. Now my mother and I can’t listen to it without tearing up! This song is the most popular song in Japan right now, you hear it practically everywhere (something that I’m sure Yuming is happy about). If you have the time, I recommend you to listen to it with the lyrics at hand. 

(English Translation of the Lyrics below, since I couldn’t find one on the Internet. A warning though, that I’m not very fluent in Japanese) 

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Famicom “pulse line” cartridge design (1983-1984).

"In the early days of the Family Computer, Nintendo Co., Ltd. released games with the same label design. Up to that point, Nintendo seemed to think that the best marketing strategy for their games was to keep the labels consistent in design; later on they began producing more creative label designs that varied for each game and often featured characters or scenes from the game." Read more about this at Famicom World.

Pictures by Bryan Ochalla.

“The wind is rising, we must try to live.” - Paul Valéry



The Wind Rises is a harrowing tale of a young man falling unconditionally in love and ultimately losing everything he holds dear. Jiro Horikoshi “just wants to make beautiful planes” and this is illustrated by his fantastical dreams throughout the film. It greatly pains Jiro that although he just wants to engineer beautiful planes he knows that those planes will certainly be used for destruction and war.

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"I and my colleagues are deeply honored that the Academy has chosen to nominate THE WIND RISES, my last film, for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. It is indeed a privilege for all of us who worked on the film to see it get this acclaim from so far away.

I am, personally, very gratified to receive such an honor, and wish to express my sincere gratitude to the members of the Academy and thank everyone who has made the film such a success.

I hope that many people will see the film after it opens in North American theaters soon.” -Hayao Miyazaki director The Wind Rises


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